Former Brooklyn prosecutor cops to role in nationwide marijuana ring: feds

A disgraced former Brooklyn prosecutor has copped to federal charges that he helped run a nationwide marijuana distribution ring — including while he was still trying cases for the DA’s office.

Ramy Joudeh, 36, admitted in Brooklyn federal court Thursday that he used his cell phone to help arrange for crates of marijuana to be shipped to associates in California from a New Jersey auto shop since at least 2014, federal court records reviewed by The Post show.

Federal investigators said they nabbed Joudeh red-handed after he came on their radar during a probe and they tapped his phone in late winter 2016, catching him doing business with his cohorts.

He reportedly worked as an assistant district attorney from April 2015 to May 2016.

The gang used J&J Dumping, Inc. in South Plainfield, NJ, to ship out the crates, checking on the deliveries and payments through hundreds of phone conversations.

In a March 1, 2016, call, Joudeh and co-conspirator Daniel Etkin talked about collecting money from others in the operation that was owed to another alleged member of the distribution ring, Richard Gambale, the records show.

“This other kid has to pay you so you can pay him,” Etkin said.

Joudeh answered, “There is two more. There’s 17,000 between them and if get 10,000.”

Etkin said, “Do you really take them this long?”

Joudeh replied, “Well, I don’t know. Stop talking on the phone.”

“Yeah, whatever,” Etkin answered. “All right.”

Joudeh said, “If I get them 15 grand, that leaves 12,000 left over and I’ll give you six, and I’ll give Richie six, you know what I mean?”

Joudeh and the other defendants were named in a 2019 complaint.

The FBI and local police first clued in to the drug-distribution ring after one of the crates was stolen by two armed men outside J&J Dumping in March 2015, the records show.

In court, Joudeh pleaded guilty to using his cell phone in the commission of a felony and faces up to six months in federal prison.

According to his profile on the Web site of his Mineola, LI, law firm, Joudeh served as an assistant district attorney in Brooklyn before going into private practice, where he specializes in personal injury litigation.

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