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‘I don’t wanna die’: Uvalde student begs for help in heartbreaking new 911 audio

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Heartbreaking newly revealed 911 audio captures a 10-year-old Uvalde student begging a Texas dispatcher to “please hurry” because “I don’t wanna die” — a staggering 40 minutes before cops stormed in to help.

Terrified fourth grader Khloie Torres was heard whispering “there’s been a school shooting” in a 911 call while trapped with the teen gunman who slaughtered 19 of her classmates and two teachers, according to audio obtained by CNN.

“I’m in classroom … 112,” she tells the dispatcher at 12:10 p.m., after whispering with another classmate as the injured could be heard crying out in the background.

“Please hurry. There is a lot of dead bodies … Please send help!” she could be heard begging in at least three 911 calls while trapped.

Torres, now 11, survived the massacre.

Trapped pupil Khloie Torres, 10, made at least three 911 calls, repeatedly begging for help for 40 minutes before cops finally came in.
Courtesy Jamie Torres

“Please get help. I don’t wanna die. My teacher is dead. Oh, my God,” she pleaded, according to the harrowing report.

As she spoke, her injured classmates could be heard crying out in the background, CNN said, with the brave youngster trying to keep them quiet despite “nobody listening to me.”

CNN quotes sections from newly obtained 911 calls.
The fourth grader begged: “Please hurry. There is a lot of dead bodies.”

“I know how to handle these situations — my dad taught me when I was a little girl,” she said, a brag that no 10-year-old child should have to make.

“Send help — some of my teachers are still alive, but they’re shot,” she pleaded two minutes into the call, one of several made from the carnage in May.

At one point, she bravely asks: “You want me to open the door now?”

The dispatcher relayed the youngster’s desperate pleas to officers, making clear that the room they remained outside of was “full of victims” — a message that still did not fore them to act.

At 12:17 p.m., a horrifying seven minutes into her 911 call, the youngster begged to know where the cops were — as more than 400 officers arrived but failed to rescue her and her injured and dying friends.

Police officer holds back others from storming Robb elementary classroom where 19 kids and two teachers were shot dead.
Her calls started 40 minutes before cops waiting in hallways and outside Robb elementary finally stormed in to help.

One of the shot teachers, Eva Mireles, called her school-cop husband, Ruben Ruiz, to warn that she was dying — with the cop instead held back from trying to rescue her. She was among two teachers who died alongside their 19 pupils.

Cops did not storm the room until 12:50 p.m. — some 40 minutes begged for help, and 77 minutes after 19-year-old shooter Salvador Ramos started his slaughter.

Salvador Ramos storming inside Robb elementary in Uvalde, Texas, in May.
The terrified 10-year-old made it clear there were still survivors in the classrooms where they were trapped with cowardly gunman Salvador Ramos.

During her ordeal, Torres made three separate 911 calls, clearly confused as to why help had not arrived — with the final one catching the gunshots as officers finally stormed in and shot dead Ramos, CNN said.

“That day, the things that she did were absolutely incredible,” Torres’s dad, former Marine Ruben Torres, told the network.

As for the cops, he said: “None of them had courage that day,” he said.

The police response — or lack of it — has sparked mass outrage as well as multiple investigations.

CNN said it alerted other Uvalde families before airing the audio, which was obtained from a source.

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