Pro-life woman shown in ‘evil light’ in ‘demonic’ abortion rights ad pushed by Clinton, Newsom

A pro-life woman said she was “outraged” that she featured in a pro-choice ad shared by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in support of a proposal to enshrine abortion in the California State Constitution.

In an open letter she posted to her Twitter account on Oct. 20, Macy Petty excoriated Clinton, Newsom and those behind the ad, claiming that by doing so they were misusing her image to promote “demonic activity.”

The video disseminated by Clinton, Newsom and many others briefly depicts Macy Petty collapsing to the ground in tears outside the Supreme Court as the announcement came in June that Roe v. Wade had been overturned. Superimposed over her image was the word “sad,” implying that Petty’s reaction was one of devastation instead of joy.

“Hey Hillary, I’m the girl crying in this video,” pro-life activist Macy Petty tweeted at Clinton on Oct. 20. “I am pro-life and those are HAPPY tears because I just witnessed a MIRACLE!”

“I’m part of a generation of pro-life activists,” Petty told The Christian Post in an interview published Friday. “My mom worked at a pregnancy center, and my grandma started one. So it’s in my blood. And I was just so grateful to be there to witness it because there are so many people who were in the fight before me who didn’t get to witness it.”

Petty told the faith-based outlet that she was “outraged” by the ad but that her open letter, which demanded her removal from the video, must have been received, since she is not in the most recent version. Her face remains in the version that Newsom, Clinton and many others shared on social media.

In her letter to Newsom, Clinton and the video creators, Petty alleged the footage “portrayed me in an evil light and distorted my emotions as part of your political games.”

“You selected the portion in which I fell to my knees in tears,” Petty continued. “At this moment, I witnessed a miracle. I was overwhelmed. As I continued to witness history, I pondered how lucky I was to witness such an event. I thanked the Lord for this decision and for opening my eyes to the evil of abortion. This is what brought me to tears.”

“I will not stand by as you use my face, my tears, and my passion in a way that promotes demonic activity,” Petty added in part. She also demanded an apology.

Macy Petty said Clinton and Newsom were misusing her image to promote “demonic activity.”

The California Democratic Party, which paid for the ad, did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment regarding Petty’s letter.

The ad was to promote California’s Proposition 1, a ballot measure that would enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution. The proposition has been met with bipartisan opposition from Californians who claim its language is overly broad and would protect the abortion of viable babies.

Despite the vocal opposition, 71% of registered California voters support Proposition 1, according to an August poll by the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies.

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