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US feels heat as 26 cities report hottest summers ever — on par with 1936 Dust Bowl

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Man, it was a scorcher. 

The 2022 summer has been one of the hottest seasons ever with records set across the country, Fox Weather reported.

Data from the Southeast Regional Climate Center (SERCC) showed the average temperature nationwide was around 74 degrees, putting it on par with summer 2021 and the 1936 Dust Bowl.

Persistent heat waves made 26 cities across the US — including: Newark, NJ; Tampa; Salt Lake City; San Antonio, Texas, and Cheyenne, Wyoming — report their all-time warmest summers. 

The Big Apple set a handful of daily highs during the summer’s heat waves.

On June 25, temperatures reached a record 90 degrees in Central Park. On July 20, 23 and 24, the mercury spiked to 95 degrees. And on Aug. 9, the thermometer topped out at 97 degrees.

US summers are heating up by a rate of 1.23 degrees every century, NOAA said.

The temperature reads 108 degrees before noon at Calvary Church in West Hills, California on Sept. 1, 2022.
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Fox found the only region that saw temporary relief from the summer’s extended heat was the desert Southwest, where a significant monsoon season produced plenty of cloud cover and heavy rains.

Despite all the rain, however, Death Valley in California is currently experiencing a treacherous heat wave, and on Thursday the barren desert reached a record 127 degrees, making it the hottest place on the planet that day.

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