How to turn your Mac desktop folder icons into emoji

Why have boring blue folder icons on your desktop when you can turn them into cats? Well, cat emoji at least. As CNET first pointed out, it turns out you can quickly customize your Mac desktop folders with emoji of your choice. It’s a fun, amusing trick that’s also useful if you’re looking for a visual way to organize the folders on your laptop or PC. You can, for instance, choose a briefcase emoji so you can more easily identify work files or organize travel documents with a plane emoji.

Here, we’ll guide you through the quick process step by step so you can start transforming your blue folder icons into whatever your heart desires, whether it’s Halloween pumpkins, hearts, or even poop — we’re not judging.

And voilà! You’re done, and your fun new cat or smiley face emoji should now be where the plain blue folder once was.

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