How to Type or Insert the Apple Logo () on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac

Did you know that you can effortlessly type or insert the Apple logo () in messages, notes, browser search bars, and other text fields on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac? It might not show up properly for non-Apple devices, but if you’re heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, then you won’t need to worry about that.

Here are the different ways to type the Apple logo on your devices.


How to Type the Apple Logo on a Mac

To insert or type the Apple logo on Mac, make sure you’re in a text field, then press Option + Shift + K. Your Mac will automatically insert an Apple logo ().

Please note that if you’re using a Windows keyboard with your Mac, you need to press Alt + Shift + K to type the Apple logo ().

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The above shortcut (Option + Shift + K) may not work on some macOS keyboard languages, like ABC – India. In that case, go to System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources. From here, click the plus (+) button and add a new keyboard, like English U.S., British, Australian, Canadian English, Irish, and so on.

After that, click the A icon or flag icon from the menu bar and choose one of these keyboards. Now, when you press Option + Shift + K it will insert the Apple logo.

How to Type the Apple Logo on an iPhone or iPad

You can also effortlessly type the Apple logo in any text field on your iPhone and iPad, but you need to set up the Text Replacement feature first in order to do so.

Text Replacement shortcuts and phrases sync via iCloud, so you should also be able to use this trick on all your other Apple devices after setting it up once. Just make sure they’re all signed in to your Apple ID account and using iCloud.

Here’s how to type the Apple logo on an iPhone and iPad:

  1. Tap and hold to copy the Apple logo you see here: 
  2. Now go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.
  3. Tap the plus icon (+).
  4. Next to Phrase, paste the Apple logo () you just copied.
  5. In Shortcut, enter any desired shortcut you want to use, like iphonelogo, applelogo, or AAPL. Just make sure it’s not something you’re likely to type when you don’t want the Apple logo to appear.
  6. Tap Save.
  7. Finally, open any text field, type your shortcut, and tap space. Your device will automatically replace your shortcut with the Apple logo.

Please note that if you use a third-party iOS keyboard, like SwiftKey, tapping space after typing the shortcut may not automatically enter the Apple logo. But it will appear in the text suggestions above the keyboard. Tap to insert it.

Besides the above options, you can also copy the Apple logo from somewhere on the internet, like this post, and paste it into the text field on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

The Apple Logo Doesn’t Always Appear on Non-Apple Devices

Please note that if you insert the Apple icon using the above steps in a document, blog, note, or message, it may not look right on all devices. Instead, the Apple icon may appear as random shapes on Android, Windows, and other non-Apple platforms and software. So make sure you use it carefully.

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