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New PS5 update rolling out with 1440p support, gamelists, and UX improvements

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Sony is rolling out a new PS5 system software update that includes 1440p resolution support, a new gamelists feature, and UX and social improvements. Testing for 1440p on PS5 first started in July, and now all PS5 owners will be able to access the software update.

The new 1440p option allows PS5 owners to pick this resolution on compatible TVs and monitors. If games fully support 1440p then they’ll natively output at this resolution, otherwise 4K games will improve anti-aliasing by using supersampling down to 1440p output. The only drawback is that Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) won’t be supported at 1440p, and will only work at 1080p and 4K on the PS5.

This new PS5 update also includes a gamelists feature, which is essentially folders for games. You can create gamelists from the main game library, and each list will be able to hold up to 100 games. There’s a limit of 15 gamelists in total, and disc, digital, and streaming games can all be added to the lists.

Request to Share Screen on the PlayStation mobile app.
Image: Sony

Sony has also added new social features, including the ability to request a Screen Share from a friend in a party, improvements to the user profile UX, and notifications to help PS5 owners join a game quickly from party chat. You’ll also be able to send stickers and voice messages in party chats now, and easily compare the different between 3D audio and regular stereo settings before switching.

Finally, Sony is also testing improved voice search for YouTube on the PS5. You can simply say “Hey PlayStation, find Spider-Man on YouTube” and relevant results will be shown. The Voice Command preview is only available in English for PS5 owners in the US and UK right now.

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