Georgia’s new hanging bridge is not for the faint-hearted

Georgia’s new 240-metre-long tourist attraction might be reserved only for those with a disposition for thrills.

The bridge hanging above Dashbashi Canyon — two hours by car from the capital Tbilisi — could inspire you to have a drink and enjoy the view at the gigantic diamond multi-level bar at its centre or ride across on a bicycle attached to a zip line.

“It’s amazing and crazy at the same time. It’s strong, it’s not going to fall,” said Gal Gvaral after nonchalantly cycling while suspended some 280 metres above the canyon.

The authorities wanted to attract thrill-seeking tourists who enjoy adventures in the wild whilst at the same time promoting the natural environment.

The Georgian-Israeli Kass investment Group spent three years building the bridge at a cost of €37 million.

The owners claim the bridge is the longest and tallest free-hanging structure in the world.

The complex also includes paths to the canyon and its waterfalls, panoramic views, a giant swing, as well as cottages and a hotel.

The Tsalka nature reserve where the bridge is situated is still relatively unknown on the tourist trail, but investors hope this eye-catching attraction will bring more visitors to the area.

“This is one of the most spectacular resorts that we have ever built,” says Yossi Tenery, who represents Israel’s largest travel, ISSTA Group.

“We hope that plenty of people will come, touch, smell and enjoy this piece of beauty.”

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