Venice entry fee: When and how you need to book

Venice authorities have announced when visitors will have to book their slot to see the canal city and pay an entry fee, three years after the system was first proposed.

The entry fee will apply to daytrippers but not to those staying the night in Venice, who already pay a tourist tax.

The city has also confirmed how visitors can book their ticket, how much it will cost and how ticket controls will be carried out.

The ticketing system, which the city says is the first of its kind in the world, hopes to ease the overtourism problems plaguing the visitor hotspot.

Who has to book a ticket to visit Venice?

Travellers planning on visiting the historic city of Venice will have to register their visit, although those staying the night do not have to pay the entry fee.

Visitors arriving by both public transport and private methods must pre-book.

Those visiting the surrounding islands such as Burano and Murano will also have to register and pay. Only one ticket and payment is required for those travelling to multiple islands, including Venice.

Some daytrippers are exempt from paying the entry fee, although they will still have to book. These include residents of the Veneto region, students, and those visiting family members in the city.

The local council has emphasised that there will be no limit to visitor numbers, only an increase in the entry fee should a certain number of visitors be reached on a particular day.

When will visitors have to pay to visit Venice?

Venice authorities have announced that the official date from which visitors will have to book is January 16, 2023.

How can visitors book tickets for Venice?

An online booking system in multiple languages will be available in the autumn for visitors to pre-book their trip to Venice.

Upon booking, visitors will receive a QR code that acts as their ticket and should be shown to ticket controllers.

For those arriving by public transport, there may be the possibility to buy the entry pass at the same time as the travel ticket.

If this service is not available, public transport operators will make announcements to passengers reminding them of the requirement to book.

Visitors are encouraged to book in advance as ticket prices could be lower.

How much will visitors have to pay to visit Venice?

The cost of tickets will vary from €3 to €10 depending on the season.

In particularly busy periods, visitors will be required to pay higher sums. This will occur when the number of visitors booking to arrive in the city goes over a certain threshold, which has not yet been announced.

There will also be some periods when visitors must book, but will not be required to pay. This will happen when very low numbers of daytrippers are arriving in the city.

How will tickets be checked?

Ticket controllers will be spread throughout the historic city checking visitors’ tickets or proof of exemption.

Authorities are also considering introducing turnstiles at some access points to the city such as the railway station.

What if I forget to buy my ticket for Venice?

Venice authorities have said there will be notices and announcements at entry points to the city such as the bus terminal in Piazzale Roma or the railway station to remind visitors to book their tickets.

Visitors who arrive without having booked and paid will have to pay the full €10 fee and are subject to fines from €50 to €300.

What will the entry fee go towards?

Aside from the costs of running the system, any proceeds from the entry fees will go towards services that help the residents of the city. These include maintenance, cleaning and reducing living costs.

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