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What are Qatar’s entry requirements for fans heading to the World Cup?

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Football fans are getting ready as the FIFA World Cup is set to kick off in Qatar from 20 November to 18 December.

If you are travelling to watch the matches in person then there are a number of specific entry requirements you’ll need to know. From fan ID cards to rules and regulations around alcohol and nicotine, it’s easy to get caught out if you aren’t informed before you leave.

So here’s everything you need to know about travelling to Qatar for the World Cup.

What do I need to enter Qatar for the World Cup?

Football fans will need to hold a Hayya Card – a form of fan ID – to enter the country from 1 November until 23 December. Even if you aren’t planning to attend any of the matches you’ll need one.

Match ticket holders can apply through the online portal and bring an additional three people who don’t have tickets. Once you have your Hayya Card you can use it for multiple entries to Qatar during the World Cup and you’ll be allowed to remain in the country until 23 January 2023.

The Hayya Card will also give you free access to public transport on days when there are matches including the bus, metro and tram.

Do I need to do a COVID test to enter Qatar?

You no longer need to take a pre-departure PCR or rapid antigen test to enter Qatar if you arrive after 1 November. You also don’t have to pre-register on the government’s Ehteraz health app prior to arrival as travellers did in the past.

World Cup visitors won’t need a COVID-19 vaccination certificate either. 

But it is worth investing in a travel insurance policy that covers your trip and any planned activities. Qatar has good emergency medical facilities but private treatment can be expensive.

How do I book accommodation for the Qatar World Cup?

The booking process for accommodation looks a bit different to previous World Cup events. Regardless of whether you are attending a match, visitors are being pointed towards the tournament’s official booking agency website for hotels, villas, apartments and fan villages.

If you stay in the country for longer than 24 hours, you’ll need to have your booking validated when you apply for your Hayya Card. This applies even if you plan to stay with family or friends during the tournament and you’ll need to register your accommodation on the Hayya Portal website.

What do I need to be careful of as a tourist in Qatar?

Laws in Qatar might be very different from those in your home country – particularly when it comes to alcohol and e-cigarettes or vapes.

Alcohol will only be available to visitors at licensed hotel restaurants and bars. It is expected that you’ll also be able to buy alcoholic drinks in fan zones at matches. They cannot be purchased at shops like across Europe, and importing alcohol into the State of Qatar is illegal. The legal drinking age is also 21.

Fans have been advised to check nicotine consumption rules in the country as it is prohibited to use or bring e-cigarettes into the country. Vaping has been banned across Qatar since 2014 and you could face fines of up to 10,000 riyals (around €2,694) or even a prison sentence.

Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar and intimacy in public, regardless of sexual orientation or gender, can be considered offensive. The World Cup host has said “everyone is welcome,” adding that there won’t be any restrictions on friends or unmarried couples staying in the same hotel room.

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